Digital Transformation Coaching for Business Leaders

Step 1


A brief session to understand needs, establish baseline and define goals. This is the input to develop a personalised,. highly targeted program.

Step 2

Personalised plan

A coaching plan is created and agreed, including contents and schedule.

Step 3

Coaching starts

A sample outline of a coaching programme is shown below.

Example: Understanding AI and its impact in my industry/business

1:1 sessions (remote and/or face-to-face), 1-2 hours each

3-6 weeks depending on agreed scope and schedule


Demystifying AI (2 hrs)

  • What is it? Demystifying the AI ‘black box’
  • How does it work? Supervised, deep learning,  …What are the main areas of development?

AI in my industry (3 hrs)

  • Current state of adoption; Examples
  • Who is at the leading edge and what are they doing?
  • Opportunities and risks of lagging behind

Lessons from other industries (4 hrs)

  • What industries are ahead in AI adoption?
  • What are the key applications and business benefits? Case studies
  • What can we learn from them? What is transferable to my industry?

Other examples of coaching topics:

  • How IoT is being used to transform products and services
  • Using agile methods in non-software companies
  • Digital ecosystems and how they are changing traditional industries
  • Moving to an as-a-service model. The why and the how for product companies