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Our take on change and innovation in the digital age

How your digital ecosystem can increase corporate innovation success by 10X

Corporate innovation success rates are at best patchy. How can my company’s innovation strategy produce better results at times when a lot of innovation is happening in start-ups?

How to build a more ethical, unbiased AI system

An interview with Giles Lane about building unbiased AI systems “In the construction industry, cutting corners in materials and safety inspections often leads to dangerous vulnerabilities… Such dangers exist too in failing to adequately address bias in source data and training sets… A systemic approach to ethical assessment across an entire organisation would help reduce …

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How could industry leaders drive AI adoption within their organisations?

How could industry leaders drive AI adoption within their organisations?

The new-habit forming effects of a global pandemic on everyday life and their impact on businesses

And as social distancing is likely to be needed periodically, should businesses be revising their strategies for periodic closures, as well as new routines and habits being formed?

The 3 things ‘wicked company’ leaders need to prioritise in their business transformation

How to leave the industrial and join the digital revolution. From tame to the wicked problem market. Digital transformation needs to move from increasing efficiency to focusing on solving wicked problems. Because they mainly do not, they tend to fail as investments.

What is 5G? How will it affect my industry and business?

What is 5G?
It is the fifth generation of mobile communications which has been developed with three main things in mind: connecting tons of things, super-fast content streaming and super low-latency communications.