We can help with developing or challenging your digital strategy. From how to develop a digital product or service, through to how to use data and digital technologies to better manufacture, better sell and better serve your customers.

We help you execute by bridging the gap between business and technology to uncover new value, leveraging our experience in taking digital to scale and beyond ‘pilot purgatory’.

We also help you transition from products to services, and from closed value chains to digital ecosystems.

Interim Support

Sometimes you need a full-time resource or a team for a limited period of time to deliver a specific project or help accelerate an existing one.
Interim support can include help to assess on-going initiatives, develop a new product or service strategy, scope and lead an AI project, create a cost-benefit analysis, perform market analysis, assess a potential partner or acquisition, define a data strategy, develop a new pricing model or a strategy to transition to as-a-Service.

Inspiration & Learning

Digital transformation is about change and continuous learning. The first step is to bring everyone in the organisation up to the same level of understanding and motivation. To open up the ‘black box’ and remove the natural fear to the unknown.

From learning what IoT or AI are, through to getting inspired by the experience of other companies and industries, a better understanding of the various elements of digital transformation and its pitfalls, can be the difference between success and failure.
Other training can include how to use agile methods for non-software related projects, or how platform business models work.

Digital transformation coaching for business leaders

Successful transformations depend on the ingenuity and savviness of the organisation’s leaders. The digital age requires a new breed of leaders that are more digitally-savvy.
This coaching is personalised, one-to-one support to provide leaders with a safe environment to develop their digital proficiency, very quickly and with limited time investment. It is a space for in-depth discussions on specific digitalisation topics, for direct Q&A, and a sounding board for early-stage ideas and opportunities with digitalisation experts. Digitalisation coaching aims to empower leaders by improving their skills and confidence in the digital domain. See an example of a coaching programme here.