Digitale Veje til Vækst

Get up to 72,000 kr. to support your digitalisation ambitions

Do you want to accelerate your company’s growth by using digital technologies? Latitude 55° Consulting, as part of the Digitale Veje til Vækst scheme, can help you realise your vision.

In a nutshell

Digitale Veje til Vækst offers grants to small and medium-sized businesses (SMVs) to procure advisory services from authorised experts such as Latitude 55° Consulting to help you fund a digitalisation project in your business. You can apply for a grant voucher of DKK 72,000.

What is Digitale Veje til Vækst?

It is a scheme set up in Region Zealand to help region’s businesses crack the digital growth puzzle so they can reap the rewards of digital development. This is done by offering advisory services for developing a digital growth plan. A digital growth plan gives your company an overview of where you can benefit from investing in digitalization and creating growth.

Stine Mortensen, Projektleder at Zealand, provides a brief introduction to the program:

What kind of projects can be pursued?

Your business must be small or medium-sized – a so-called SMV and be in Region Zealand. The company must be in the food, construction, transportation, logistics or biomedical and circular economy industries.

If accepted to the scheme, a digital growth plan is developed. The plan includes:

  • The company’s current digital level and systems
  • The company’s digital growth potential
  • Strategic goals and digitization plan
  • Recommendations and action plan
  • Business case: What will it cost? What growth impact will it create?

The growth plan is central to the project’s purpose and financing and must therefore be detailed.

Want more information? 

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