Get up to 100,000 kr. to support your digitalisation ambition

Do you want to strengthen your company’s growth and competitiveness by using digital technologies? Latitude 55° Consulting, with support from SMV:Digital, can help you realise your vision.

In a nutshell

SMV:Digital offers grants to small and medium-sized businesses (SMVs) to procure advisory services from authorised experts such as Latitude 55° Consulting to help you fund a digitalisation project in your business. You can apply for a grant voucher of DKK 100,000.

What is SMV: Digital?

SMV: Digital is an initiative part of the government’s strategy, Strategi for Danmarks Digitale Vækst, aimed at promoting digitalisation for small and medium-sized businesses.

Hear from Brian Jeppesen, member of SMV:Boardet, how the initiative can be right for your business:

What kind of projects can be pursued?

Analysis of business benefits
A project to help you identify where you can get the biggest business benefits by introducing new technology (e.g. IoT, cloud, data analytics, e-commerce), as part of a process or a new product or service;  which underlying technologies are needed to invest in to realise your goals; and to develop the business case for such investment.

For example, the project may include the activities listed below:

  • Mapping work processes in the company
  • Identify processes that can be digitalised / automated
  • Identify relevant technologies for digitization / automation
  • Identify technical and organizational barriers to digitalisation / automation
  • Business development
  • Preparation of ROI / business case / requirement specification for investment in new technology
  • Vendor identification and tender collection

An implementation project
Designed to help you reap the rewards of a new technology (e.g. IoT, cloud, data analytics, e-commerce) that you have either invested in over the past year or are now purchasing in relation with an implementation project.

For example, the project may include the activities listed below:

  • Clarification of technical and organizational barriers to gain realization of new technology
  • Help with technical integration of new technology
  • Training of relevant employees in the use of the specific newly purchased technology
  • Assist in implementing organizational changes due to implementation of new technology
  • Supplier management help

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